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MBCIA Active Membership Application

Building Commissioners or Inspector of Buildings, Local Inspectors and officials of like capacity of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts approved by the Membership Committee are eligible for Active Membership by a vote of the Membership. Active Members who are not employed in the above capacity for a period of two (2) years shall cease to be an Active Member.


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MBCIA Associate Membership Application

Any business firm or individual engaged in trades allied to our purpose are eligible for ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP subject to the approval of the Board of Directors and a vote by the Membership. An ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP shall not have a vote.


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MBCIA Membership Grant Description and Application (application deadline based on the conference Grant being applied for)

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Welcome to the MBCIA,


This letter is information you will need to become a member of our organization. All active Building Commissioners/Inspectors of Buildings or local inspectors are welcome to join as an active member. If you are not an active inspector you may join as an associate member. Applications are available on our website under membership.


Active members are invited to all of our educational meetings, social events and to vote on MBCIA business. Associate members will also be invited to attend educational meetings and social events but will not be able to vote on issues pertaining to election of officers and bylaw changes.


Each new member must fill out an application, available on our website under membership and pay the membership dues. Initiation fee is $25.00; Dues are $75.00 for a total of $100.00 due with the application. After approval by the members you will receive a statement each year for renewal of dues of $75.00 in June.


Members pay $40.00 per meeting including lunch, unless it is an all-day meeting then it is $100.00, and any social event attended.  Non-members pay $50.00 per meeting including; unless it is an all-day meeting then it is $120.00 with a maximum of 2 meetings as a non-member.


Once you become an active member you will be added to the contact list and you will receive all the notices from the association. Be sure to add us to your email so the notices won’t get bounced or sent to spam. We send out monthly meeting invitations, occasional surveys and a monthly newsletter.


Our website www.mbcia.org has information about our association, job openings, calendar of events, links to informational sites and much more. Contact information for our officers and board of directors is there for your convenience. If you have questions about the organization or a code question, we are here to help you.


Our email address is secretary@mbcia.org. Feel free to send us an email and we will try to respond to you quickly.